We’ve all been there: in a rush to start our workout, so we skip our warm up. But our bodies need that time to ease into more strenuous activity. PHUEL was designed to be a part of that prep process—think of it as an added “oomph” to get your muscles ready for maximum performance.

How Should I Use PHUEL for Muscle Activation?
PHUEL helps prep your muscles to get them ready for strenuous activity. To get the most from PHUEL, apply before workouts and competitions, following these simple steps.

Athlete, trainer and coach Ki’anie Brooks uses PHUEL on his most aggressive training days. “It helps my body realize that work is about to be done,” Brooks said. “I apply 15 minutes before I start any of my reactivation movements or warm ups, and it allows for the session to be more effective and less grueling.”

Why Add PHUEL to My Fitness Regimen?
In clinical studies, PHUEL has been proven to decrease the rate of perceived exertion, release muscle tightness and increase flexibility.

Triathlete Kalletta Caldwell credits PHUEL for helping her prepare to train both physically and mentally. “I have confidence that it helps with inhibitors like tightness and soreness, so when you are ready for your intervals, you will perform,” she said. “That physical and mental readiness makes training sessions more effective.”

What About Muscle Recovery Time?
PHUEL doesn’t just help with muscle activation; it also helps you recover after workouts by reducing muscle soreness and exercise-associated muscle cramps. Using PHUEL for 24 hours following intense activity can even help manage delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Tim King, Avadim Health (manufacturer of PHUEL) employee and amateur mountain bike racer, applies PHUEL before and after cycling. “I can really tell when I’ve forgotten to use PHUEL, because the DOMS and fatigue are worse,” he said.

Where Can I Buy PHUEL?
This one is easy—you can order PHUEL directly from our website. Whether you have an established fitness regimen or are tackling a new cardio or strength building program, PHUEL can help give you an extra boost so you can perform your best.