Keeping up with your cardio and strength training while traveling can be difficult, but not impossible with the right planning. Even short workouts deliver big benefits. So, no excuses! Here’s how you can stay fit when you’re away from home.

Plan Workouts Requiring No Equipment

The most convenient travel workouts are those that don’t require weights or access to a gym. To complete these eight programs from SELF, you only need minimal space in your hotel room (or wherever you’re staying).

Bring Your Own Equipment

Leave the dumbbells at home—consider water weights like AquaBells instead. These travel weights are slim and light enough to fit in your suitcase, but can be filled with liquid up to 20 pounds. Accessories like bands, sliders and jump ropes are also easy to pack.

Get a Guest Pass

Some gyms offer guest or trial passes at no cost, so you can get access to some of the same classes, equipment and other offerings you can get at home. With ClassPass, you can drop into gyms and studios across the globe for a single monthly fee.

Go for a Run/Walk

Simple, but effective. Just remember to pack accordingly if you plan to run or walk outside. Warmer climates are a bit easier to plan for, but for cold weather, check out our clothing and gear tips.

Don’t Forget PHUEL

Wherever you go, make sure you bring PHUEL to activate muscle function before your workouts and support muscle recovery after. You wouldn’t want muscle tightness or soreness to keep you down while you’re on vacation or busy with important work meetings. Learn more about PHUEL and get your bottle online.