Like many athletes, there are times when you might need to work out at home more often. If your routine is starting to feel stale, shake up your exercises with apps for working out at home and tracking overall wellness.

Best Fitness Apps of 2020
PCMag released their master list of the best fitness apps of the year, broken down by categories like short workouts, workouts on-demand, nutrition, activity tracking and music. Among the standouts are the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout, MyFitnessPal and Map My Fitness—all of which have free options for both Android and iPhone.

Total-Body Wellness
As a dedicated athlete, you know exercise is only one piece of a healthy lifestyle. This comprehensive app list features options for various wellness categories, including food and nutrition, meditation and mental health, and sleep.

Free Videos and Streams
Even top trainers, studios and gyms are going digital. Former UFC Fighter and creator of The Maximus Gym Bobby Maximus shared his “No Gear” bodyweight program for free, while Gold’s and Planet Fitness now offer online workouts for free, even if you’re not a member.

For full-body workouts with your favorite celebrities and trainers, try the free FitOn app. You can break a sweat with the likes of Gabrielle Union and Jeanette Jenkins without leaving home.

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