As the temperature drops, so does our motivation to get out and be active. On top of that, treadmill runs and other indoor exercises can quickly get stale. With the proper cold weather running gear, knowledge of how to stay warm, and being smart when exercising outdoors, you can beat workout boredom during the winter months. Follow these tips to get outside and keep running.

  1. Dress for 15–20 degrees warmer. Your body temp will rise as you get moving; wearing too warm of gear will get uncomfortable and you may overheat. According to Runners World, as a general rule, dress for 15–20 degrees warmer.
  2. Dress in layers. While you most likely won’t need, or want, to wear a puffy coat, you may want to dress in layers you can easily remove and tuck into a running belt. Regardless, for your base, the key phrase to remember is “moisture wicking.”
  3. Wear traction cleats. When running in winter, it’s crucial to wear traction cleats to keep from slipping on snow and ice. These clever designs can even be fitted to your current running shoes.
  4. Cover your head and hands. Even though you may start to feel warm, your ears and fingers are sensitive areas that need to be protected from the cold and wind. Check out these winter running gear options for your individual preferences and style.
  5. Change as soon as you finish. Your body temp will drop as soon as you stop moving; you will want to immediately change your clothes and drink or eat something warm to avoid chills, or worse, hypothermia.

Remember, drinking water is important during any workout, in any weather. Dehydration can cause leg and foot cramps, which can affect tonight’s sleep and tomorrow’s workout. In addition to keeping up your H2O intake, apply PHUEL before and after your runs to help prevent exercise-associated muscle cramps. Learn more about PHUEL and order your bottle online.