For athletes with regimented training schedules and nutrition goals, the holiday season can be challenging. We all want to be able to enjoy time with family and friends without losing progress. With a bit of prep work, we can—and even eat a few of our favorite festive foods. Check out this guide to holiday eating, and then dive into healthy holiday recipes for every dietary concern below.

Athlete Food to Support Your Fitness
From salads and spiced nuts, to cookies and cocktails/mocktails, these holiday recipes for athletes ensure you get the nutrition you need while enjoying the flavors of the season.

Holiday Recipes for Dietary Restrictions
With just a few adjustments, you can make healthy, allergy-friendly versions of holiday favorites, like pressure cooker mashed sweet potatoes, bread-free tempeh stuffing and cranberry chicken. This recipe list provides a variety of gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, dairy-free and plant-based options.

Vegan Holiday Dinners
For those who avoid animal products, there are many delicious vegan recipes for holiday dishes like dill mashed potatoes, vegetable walnut stuffing and rustic oat crisp pumpkin pie, plus tips to cook the perfect tofurky roast. (For even more options, check out this article with 126 vegan Christmas recipes.)

Low-Carb and Keto Holiday Fare
These holiday recipes are low in carbs but high in flavor. Prepare a keto-friendly dinner of garlic and herb crusted pork loin roast, easy skillet green beans and bacon, roasted cauliflower soup, and more. (The White Christmas Dream cocktail sounds like the perfect holiday nightcap.)

Full Day of Healthy Holiday Eats
Who says you have to wait until dinner time to enjoy a holiday-themed meal? These clean-eating recipes encompass ideas for holiday brunch, appetizers, mains, sides, desserts and drinks. (For even more all-day ideas, check out this list of 101 gluten-free dairy-free recipes.)

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