You have the drive. You’re putting in the work. And you’ve got PHUEL to help you succeed. Now, let’s make sure you’re using PHUEL the right way, at the right times, to take advantage of all the benefits it can provide.

When to Use PHUEL

BEFORE ACTIVITY: For Activation & Prevention
What could two more reps or one more repeat mean for your training and results? Apply PHUEL 15 minutes before every workout or competition to prep your muscles, and find out what you’re capable of.

Applying PHUEL 15 minutes before activity can also help prevent extensive tightness and soreness. Plus, it can help prevent those dreaded charley horses that are all too common during long runs and marathons!

Helpful hint: For best activation and prevention results, make sure you use PHUEL before every single workout.

We get it. Sometimes you’re in a hurry and forget to apply PHUEL beforehand. Don’t fret! If you’re in the middle of a workout and feel muscle discomfort or a muscle cramp coming on, apply PHUEL right away, and get back to work fast.

AFTER ACTIVITY: To Support Recovery
One of the biggest benefits of PHUEL is its ability to help you recover, so you can get after it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…. While applying PHUEL before workouts and competitions can help prevent extreme muscle tightness and soreness, sometimes it’s unavoidable. It’s important to apply PHUEL immediately afterward to help release any muscle tightness and reduce any muscle soreness.

As you know, soreness doesn’t always happen right away. Don’t let delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) sneak up on you! Applying PHUEL after a strenuous workout or competition has been clinically proven to help reduce DOMS. We recommend using PHUEL continuously for about 24 hours: within minutes after the activity, right after showering, at bedtime, and then 3 times the next day (morning, midday, bedtime).

Helpful hint: For best recovery results, make sure you use PHUEL after every single workout.

BETWEEN ACTIVITY: To Combat Chronic Tightness & Inflexibility
PHUEL isn’t just for workouts and competitions. Regular use (3 times daily or more) can help release general muscle tightness, and it has been clinically proven to increase flexibility. For added benefits, try using PHUEL while doing some light stretches.

How to Apply PHUEL

Yes, the directions are on the bottle, but we want to make sure you know the ins and outs of application. Let’s start by making sure you’re using enough PHUEL:

Foam = 4 total pumps

Spray = 12-16 total sprays

But don’t put all those pumps and sprays on at the same time:

Put 2 pumps on your hand. Rub into the muscle. Let dry. Repeat.

Apply 6-8 sprays directly onto the muscle. Rub into the muscle. Let dry. Repeat.

Thorough application is another key factor when applying PHUEL. For instance, if you get a muscle cramp in the middle of your calf, put PHUEL on the whole calf muscle. If it’s leg day in the gym, apply PHUEL on every part of every leg muscle, from the buttocks down to the ankle.

Helpful hint: For best results, make sure you apply PHUEL and let it dry completely BEFORE applying other topical products like lotions and creams.

You’re Off and Running!

We know you need to get moving, but before you go, hear from other athletes who are using PHUEL. And be sure to check out the How to Use page on our website any time you need reminders on using PHUEL.