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    Ready. Set. PHUEL.

    PHUEL gives you the oomph. What you do with it is up to you. Whether it’s 2 more reps, back-to-back hard days, or shattering personal bests, PHUEL helps you get there by:

    • Activating Muscle Function
    • Releasing Muscle Tightness
    • Reducing Muscle Soreness

Gentle Formulation. Serious Results.

Gentle enough to use anywhere on the body, as often as needed, yet powerful enough to be trusted by professional and NCAA athletic programs nationwide, PHUEL is now available to anyone who’s ready to push their limits.



In clinical studies,* PHUEL has been proven to:

  • Decrease the rate of perceived exertion
  • Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Release muscle tightness
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce exercise-associated muscle cramps

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Easy To Use & Fast Acting

PHUEL comes in a non-greasy, fast-absorbing, foam or spray application to suit individual preferences. Simply use PHUEL 15 minutes before workouts and competitions to maximize performance, and right afterward to support recovery.

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* PHUEL is scientifically proven, with study results published in and by the following peer-reviewed journals and respected institutions: Internal Medicine Review; American College of Sports Medicine – Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise; Integrative Journal of Nursing and Health; University of Louisiana at Lafayette – School of Kinesiology; University of South Carolina – Arnold School of Public Health, Department of Exercise Science; Applied Science & Performance Institute.