Is winter weather keeping you inside? Running can still be one of the best indoor workouts, but doing the same treadmill routine over and over can get old. We’ve got five tips to help you avoid boredom and burnout.

1. Try a New Workout
Treadmill runs can get monotonous fast. Find new programs that challenge you physically and keep you engaged mentally. This list from SELF features 20 treadmill workouts that incorporate increased speeds and inclines, intervals, and endurance training for a comprehensive plan with plenty of variety.

2. Target Specific Areas of the Body
Running is the most convenient form of cardio exercise, but you can also utilize your treadmill time to tone specific areas. For example, if you want to focus on sculpting your glutes, try this 20-minute routine—or to work your inner and outer thighs, try side shuffling.

3. Perform Other Exercises
If you’ve only used your treadmill for running, this tip is going to blow your mind. Women’s Health, with help from certified strength and conditioning specialist Mike Donavanik, put together eight exercises you can do on a treadmill that aren’t running. Try incorporating them into, or performing them instead of, your running workout.

4. Stream Music, Podcasts or Shows
Regardless of how long or how far, every run should be enjoyable. For many athletes, workout music is a must, and it’s been proven to increase performance, endurance, power and strength. Check out this 2019 playlist from Runner’s World for inspiration. Or, take the opportunity to catch up on your favorite TV shows or podcasts while you run.

6. Have Fun With Running Apps
You can get the perks of a gym right at your fingertips with running apps like Studio, a favorite among runners that offers boutique classes led by experienced instructors. Shake the winter blues with Treadmill Trails and run beautiful paths in Hawaii, national parks, big cities and ancient hill towns. Turn your workout into a mission of survival with Zombies, Run! There’s a running app for everyone.

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